Lisa Madigan’s office collected record $1.3 billion in in 2014

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office collected $1.3 billion in 2014 on behalf of the state, her office announced Wednesday.

Overall, the office collected a total of $1,333,711,626 in 2014. Of that, $244 million will go toward the state’s pension system.

About $344.8 million was generated through collections litigation for damage to state property, child support, unpaid educational loans, fines and penalties, according to the attorney general’s office. Another $306.8 million was collected through tobacco litigation, and another $317.6 was made in estate tax revenues.

“My office works to maximize revenue to support critical programs and services, and last year we generated a record-breaking total while operating with the lowest level of taxpayer funding in over a decade,” Madigan said in the statement.

“Given the state’s financial crisis, we’re doing everything we can to generate much-needed funds for the state,” she said.

The office operated on a budget of nearly $31 million last year, and generated $43.24 for every state general revenue dollar it received, according to the statement.