Children's Product recalls decreased in 2014, report shows

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and child safety advocates on Monday reviewed whether recalls work - and if they have worked over the past decade.

It seems recalls are getting our attention, as information about potential threats to kids is being circulated more effectively.

Nonetheless, the items can continue to circulate, a challenge for parents and daycare providers.

Caring for little ones is Charlotte Manteau's business. But before the kids have access to new items, Manteau and her staff check for recalls.

"We've gotten numerous amounts of things that we thought were good because they were brand new, but were all on the recalls list," Manteau said.

"With more than one new recall reported every week, as a parent, I understand how difficult it can be to keep up," Madigan said on Monday.

Child safety advocates at Kids In Danger (KID) released a report evaluating the nation's recall system.

Overall, recalls are down and more importantly, there are fewer incidents of children being injured or killed. While these advocates say there's progress, they urge vigilance and say that daycare providers can play a key role to assist parents.

"They have multiple jobs, they do have stressful lives, so that child care provider often times is a focal point and connector to other resources and information," said Sessy Nyman, Illinois Action for Children.

Nancy Cowles is the executive director of KID. The organization gives presentations to daycare providers.

"It's just not enough to hold the child in, so the child falls out over the side and, in at least five cases, has been suffocated often against bumper in the crib," Cowles said about a napping chair that was part of her warning last year.

"I saw it on the news, someone had just donated it to me, I got one of those," Manteau said.

Manteau had been given one of the nap chairs, but knew what to do.

"Every day we have to watch that list, and we have to go around the room and look at the toys that we have," Manteau said. "Is this safe? Why is it not safe? Do we get rid of it?"

Manteau said many items that are recalled are discarded so that no one tries to reuse them.

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