Illinois Attorney General Madigan Releases Safe Shopping Guide

There are a number of toys, clothing and other items that safety experts want you to know are on sale and unsafe for children, reports WBBM’s Bernie Tafoya.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan released a shopping guide, detailing toys and clothing that have been recalled.

“There is no compromising on our children’s safety,” said Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky joining Madigan and safety experts to promote the latest edition of the guide.

“It includes photographs, it includes names. It includes descriptions of the items that have been recalled and it tells you why it has been recalled,” said Madigan.

Among the items deemed unsafe for kids: small toy magnets that can cause intestinal problems and even death, and Harry Potter book ends that have paint that have high levels of lead.

And, even though it’s illegal, recalled items have been found for sale on secondary sales web sites such as Craigslist,Ebay and Amazon.