Attorney General's Office Announces Two Arrests During Nursing Home Sweep

Two employees at Decatur Manor Healthcare were arrested Tuesday as part of an unannounced compliance check for Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan's "Operation Guardian" initiative.

According to a news release issued by Madigan's office, the employees had outstanding and active arrest warrants. Officials declined to comment Wednesday on any charges the two might face.

The sweep marked the 27th check and 38th arrest conducted by the office and other state agencies since the initiative was announced in February 2010.

"My office will continue making unannounced visits to nursing homes across Illinois to ensure safe and compassionate care for residents," Madigan said in the news release. "We must make sure the criminal pasts of residents and employees are checked and those who pose a threat to others are removed from homes for the safety of both the staff and these vulnerable residents."

Ron Nunziato, a Chicago area-based spokesman for Decatur Manor Healthcare, said the facility, which employs 100 and cares for approximately 130 residents, supports the initiative.

"The facility is very supportive of the attorney general's efforts in Operation Guardian," he said.

Nunziato said the information regarding the warrants was not accessible to the facility during the hiring process for the two individuals, but he believes the warrants were for minor offenses that would not have prevented the employees from being hired.

"At no time were our residents in the care or in surroundings of unsafe individuals," Nunziato said.

According to the release, Operation Guardian checks allow state and local agencies to assess compliance and safety issues. These agencies evaluate issues related to residents' rights, identified offenders, reported incidents and professional licensing.