AG Files Suit to Terminate Burge Pension

Attorney General Lisa Madigan filed a lawsuit Monday to terminate the pension of former Chicago Police commander Jon Burge, who was convicted of lying about police torture.

Madigan said Burge's felony convictions forfeit his right to the $3,000 monthly pension he receives from the Chicago Police Department.

"Jon Burge forfeited his right to a public pension when he lied about his knowledge of and participation in the torture and physical abuse of suspects," Attorney General Madigan said in a released statement. "It's this type of criminal conduct by a public servant that our pension forfeiture laws were designed to discourage. The public should never have to pay for the retirement of a corrupt public official."

The Chicago Police Pension Board was split on its vote, 4 to 4, on the issue on January 27, which meant Burge retained the pension.

He was sentenced to four-and-a -half years in prison a week earlier on January 21, 2011.